5 DIY Fixes to get Ready for your Home Inspection

5 DIY Fixes to get Ready for your Home Inspection

Breeze through your home inspection with these DIY fixes that you may overlook when getting your home ready to sell.

1. Change furnace filter.

If you do not remember when you last changed your furnace filter then chances it is long overdue. Depending on the size of the filter, you should change the filter every few months to once a year. Luckily, it is easy to change. Turn off your furnace, find and remove the old filter, measure to double check the size needed, then replace with the same size filter, and turn the furnace back on.

2. Spray lubricant on garage door track

Make sure your garage door does not stick for your home inspector. Spray some garage door lubricant to make sure it glides effortlessly.

3. Vacuum bathroom exhaust grill

Do not let potential buyers or home inspector look up in your bathroom and say yuck. Take your vacuum and clean off the exhaust grills in your bathrooms.

4. Vacuum laundry exhaust grill

While you are cleaning the bathroom exhausts do not forget your laundry room often has one too and give it a vacuum clean as well.

5. Clean kitchen exhaust in dishwasher

The stove exhaust in your kitchen tends to be out of sight out of mind, but it could not be easier to clean. Just pop it off and run it through the dishwasher to remove all the greasy buildup.

Who is the best Home Energy Score company?

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Hello, I’m Chris Marquand, the owner of Deck Masters and co owner of Portland Energy Assessors. I started Deck Masters in March 2008 and I have always promoted green products like recycled Trex decking and low maintenance aluminum railing. In this same spirit I have joined forces with my wife, Laurel Marquand, to continue promoting a more sustainable world by starting a new company, Portland Energy Assessors. We provide Home Energy Scores to homeowners in the city of Portland to comply with a new ordinance that is required of sellers when marketing their home for sale. We are one of the oldest Home Energy Score Companies, and currently have three Certified Energy Assessors. We offer on-line, hassle free, and often next day scheduling right here at Portlandenergyassessors.com

To support the city of Portland’s ‘Climate Action Plan’ to reduce carbon emissions, all homes listed after January 1, 2018, will need to be scored by a Certified Energy Assessor. While the law does not require any upgrades or improvements, the scores must be made public during the sale. Failure to comply results in a fine. Portland is not the first city to implement such a program; several cities such as Berkeley CA and Austin TX, have implemented similar programs in previous years.

A “Home Energy Score” will deliver insight into how efficiently a property uses and conserves energy and what homeowners can expect to pay in utilities. An H.E.S. report also provides upgrade suggestions to improve the score which would save money, help the environment, and make the home more comfortable. Buyers are able to use this information to compare the homes they are considering for purchase. For more information you can go to: https://www.pdxhes.com.

In a nutshell, anyone who pays attention knows that the environment has been suffering as a result of human activity of one sort or another. Many of us do things in our personal lives to try to lessen the impact of our human activity such as driving more efficient vehicles, recycling, using more efficient appliances, composting, etc. But one of the biggest impacts we can make often gets overlooked because we don’t see any instant results, and that is upgrading our home systems. If you live in an old home with no insulation, it’s easier to just turn the heat up than fork out the cash to retrofit the house with insulation. It’s easier to just keep using the old, inefficient tank water heater than it is to upgrade to a new instant-on water heater. The cost of installing solar panels on the roof scares many people away from it, because the payback takes a very long time. So even though many of us in Portland are conscious of trying to be good stewards of our city and planet, we continue to live in homes with outdated systems that waste a lot of energy. The Home Energy Score is going to start changing that. By putting a number on a house that reflects it’s energy consumption, we are also putting a price on the efficiency of the house. So now, there is that instant gratification to help motivate people to do upgrades to their homes. You won’t only be making your home more “green,” you will also be increasing its resale value.

If you are about to sell a home, and need a Home Energy Score, contact us today!